• "Karachi Port;
  • "China-Pak Ecnomic Cooridor;
  • "Clifton Underpass Karachi;
  • "Mass Movemnet;
  • "Bab-e-Peshawar;

Call for Paper


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts from their research. Themes for the submission of conference papers are listed below. Full papers will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Acceptance of paper will be based on quality, relevance, and originality of research.

Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering and Materials

       a. Urban Resilience 
       b. Green Built-up Environment 
       c. Barriers in Sustainable Development 
       d. Novel Ideas and Innovative materials
       e. Energy Efficient Materials and Construction
       f. Smart Technologies: Experiences from Developing Countries 

    Urban Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

       a. Integrated Urban Water Management 
       b. Challenges in Dealing with Urban Waste 
       c. Infrastructure Asset Management 
       d. Pre and Post Disaster Management Strategies 

    Transportation Infrastructure and Built Environment

       a. Transportation Infrastructure 
       b. Integrated land use and development 
       c. Infrastructure design, evaluation and management
       d. Highway engineering

    Transport Dynamics

       a. Dynamic traffic assignment 
       b. Traffic flow theories
       c. Day-to-day dynamics
       d. Applications of dynamic models

    Transport Geography

       a. Transportation Geographic Information Systems (TGIS) 
       b. Travel and mobility 
       c. GIS applications for ITS 
       d. GIS and road safety 

    Pavement, Materials Design and Maintenance

       a. Mechanistic Pavement Design Methods 
       b. Innovative Materials For Distress Control In Pavements 
       c. Modern Pavement Maintenance Techniques 
       d. Energy Efficient Pavement Construction Techniques 

    Transportation and Environment

       a. Energy and carbon emissions 
       b. Climate change and adaptation strategies
       c. Emission modeling
       d. Transportation emissions and health

    Transport Policy

       a. Travel Demand Management 
       b. Mass Transit Policies
       c. Social and Institutional Information Related to Travel
       d. Road Pricing 

    Construction Management

       a. Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Construction 
       b. Construction Productivity Improvement
       c. Strategic Management and Planning
       d. Building Information Systems
       e. State-of-art in Construction Engineering and Management


    Road Safety Analysis and Methdologies

       a. Accident Model Analysis 
       b. Role of Mass Communication Medium 
       c. Road Incident Management
       d. Road Safety-Innovative Solution